Knitting Ruth 

 A little over a year ago, in one of the busiest yet darkest times of soul, I learned how to knit. Little did I know just how healing knitting would be. Knitting allows me to take the focus off of myself because I have to focus on the person I’m knitting for. I also get to work with my hands which is oddly therapeutic. I have learned to be grateful for this creative outlet and have seen it as a grace from God.

Knitting also is another one of those tangible pictures that have helped me understand a truth about God. 

See, when you have your yarn and your needles, the yarn doesn’t know what it will be. It’s just becomes what your hands knit it to be. It doesn’t know it will be a warm mitten or cozy hat. For all the yarn knows, I’m making it a sock for someone’s smelly (and probably cold) foot. But yet it yields to my working hands and needles, and in the end it comes something beautiful and useful.

God did the same in Ruth’s life. So many threads that seem “random,” but God knit together a beautiful story of redemption. Ruth didn’t know what would happen when she stepped out in faith to follow or when she obeyed Naomi’s instructions. For all she knew she would be rejected like she should have been for being a Moabite. Ruth by herself wasn’t worth anything, but in the hands of a sovereign God, her story is a beautiful tapestry of God’s redemption. 

But aren’t I to be like the yarn or like Ruth? A woman like Ruth is hard to live up to and being yarn might be a bit stringy, but is my soul willing to be in the same humble, obedient position? Can I rest in obedience and compliance to God’s working? 

My soul longs for control. My soul wrestles to understand and look ahead. I want to know why God led me where He has. I want to know why God put certain things or people in my path. I want to know why God gives or takes. I want to know why God made me the way I am. I want to know. I want know. I want to know!

But I know God doesn’t work that way. Can I be content to be the yarn that I know when put in the loving, good hands of God, will be beautiful and useful in His story of redemption? Even if it’s just showing the world the redemption of my own soul? 

Yarn doesn’t know it might turn into a cozy mitten. Ruth didn’t know where her steps of obedience would lead and neither do I. But perhaps the obedient trust is just another grace of God.



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