When God breaks, He heals

I’ve never broken a bone. I have fractured my foot (insert embarrassing childhood story here), but not a full break. I experienced pain, and I know it could’ve been worse. I’ve heard many horror stories about people having to re-break bones to set them correctly and to heal them properly.
What I’m always amazed at–with not just broken bones, but all wounds–is that healing does come. It never stays broken. God created our bodies to heal themselves, a part of His creation that I never cease to marvel at.

And I believe that God allows our Spirit-inhabited souls to heal as well.

I’ve written about this before: I am a broken person. My soul is constantly torn piece by piece and God has led me into a wilderness where I have no resources outside of Him, leaving me lost and wrestling. God has asked me to obey in ways I didn’t understand or want, and led me to places I didn’t want to go. He’s asked me to lay aside so many false fears and rely on His step-by-step leading. 

And as I am naturally a “fixer,” I hear God whispering in all of it, “Leslie, you can’t fix this one.”

All of that means more breaking. More breaking so that I can heal properly.

And just like the human body, God doesn’t leave it broken, but always provides healing. 

When God breaks my soul and heart, He will always bring healing.

And little by little, I see some healing.

A mentor said to me not long ago, “Leslie, maybe God wants you in [said place] for a time for some healing.” Though said place ended up not being that place of healing, his words held some profound truth….And I’m starting to see little pieces of healing, right in the hand of God. And even there in His hand He has brought little material evidences of healing as well: a conversation here and there, a provision when I don’t expect it, a reaching out of unlikely friends, answers to little prayers, etc. I’ve started recording them so I don’t miss or forget them. And they have been a balm to this restless heart.

I still feel and am so broken, wrestling with God and living in the tension. But God has been, is, and always will be faithful and will heal. And when it comes down to it, He has already healed the most broken part of me when He called me to be His daughter. Why would I think He wouldn’t keep healing the rest of me?

He never breaks without healing. In that I rest.


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