“Praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the eveningPraise Him when you’re smiling, praise Him when you’re breaking
Praise Him in the sun and praise Him in the starlight
Praise Him every season, praise Him through the dark times

Celebrate, celebrate
Shout it from the mountaintops
Celebrate, celebrate
Even with a broken heart
Till dawn awakes, we’ll sing Your praise, dancing in the dark
For all our days our song will say, “Lord how great You are!”

– Rend Collective, Celebrate

I have now completed 28 years of my life. A small number to some, really old to others (ask the kids at my church). I’d like to say “successful” years, but perhaps “grace-filled” would be a more appropriate term. 

Birthdays are always reflective days for me. In a sense, it’s my “New Years.” For some reason this year was a bit difficult, perhaps aggravated by the season I’m in, but now I look forward to a new year. 

I recently read an article (Stop and Enjoy the Ordinary), read a book (Wisdom and Wonder), and listened a cool new album (As Family We Go – Rend Collective) – all that have combined and given me thoughts to chew on. 

In my season of waiting, it’s easy for me to waste time waiting for the “extraordinary.” But I don’t have to wait. The extraordinary is already around me, but I always see it as ordinary. The cream in my coffee, the giggling of the kids playing in the pool, the working of my hands on a new project, the ability to read and explore new worlds. 

So, I’ve decided I want to stop and enjoy the ordinary and see the extraordinary in them. I want to do this through my simple phone lens. My goal is to chronicle one thing per day for the next year…the last one being on my 29th birthday. 

And I would love for anyone who reads this to do the same. Take a pic of something ordinary, post on social media, explain the extraordinary, and use the hashtag #CelebrateLife. 

Let’s just celebrate. 


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