Using the broken pieces

I’m finally back at crafting after a long absence. I guess being out of town makes it hard to craft, and the last few days I couldn’t inspire myself to do so. After thinking long and hard about what I did want to do next, I knew I wanted to do something that reflected spiritual lessons God is teaching me.

Here’s where I get a bit transparent. I’m warning you now.

God is breaking me. He always is, but I feel much more deeply right now, shattering any certainty regarding the future and exposing some deeply rooted fear. Honestly, I feel so incredibly lost and I’m just aimlessly wandering, wondering if God will rescue me from it. I won’t sugar coat it. It hurts. It hurts like crazy.

But God is faithful. Always has been, always will be. So, I know that this breaking is for my growth and His glory though it hurts. I know I must go through this process so in the end I display His healing, His love, His Gospel, His goodness, His power. I am weak and I need to know that.

Ok, transparency over, you can continue.

I had some leftover glass bottle pieces from a previous project and I thought it would be cool to use them somehow. I love color blocking so I decided I could color block pieces and create necklace pendants. Here’s what I started with:

Using the mallet, I broke up the larger pieces (covered with a towel to prevent cutting).

Ended up with some great pieces, all different but equally beautiful. Then had to do some tedious filing to smooth out the edges to prevent cutting. This was VERY tedious. Great object lesson, huh? Glad God hasn’t given up “filing” me.

Once I filed them, I taped them where I did not want paint, then spray painted them. 

The result was great:

The mixture of glass and paint give such a great contrast. Again, all different, all beautiful.

I need to get different chains for them, but it’s a start.

If you’re like me, you need a visual reminder of God’s promises. God has been so kind to give me so many in the past and I know He won’t stop. I don’t like being broken, filed, mended. But it’s not about me, huh? 


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