There is something refreshing about using very simple ingredients to create. Feels almost….organic. Like I’m Laura Ingalls making homemade ornaments while my fried chicken is cooking. Well, I didn’t actually fry chicken and I don’t care for Little House on the Prairie, but that’s irrelevant.

My organic feeling came from the simplicity of salt, flour, and water.

image1 (10)

If you notice there are also stamps and ink. I’ll explain.

Once you mix the simple ingredients (1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of water), roll out your dough on a heavily floured surface.

image2 (10)

Then use the stamps and ink to stamp the dough. You can play with textures and shapes. I used some fun stamps I found at Hobby Lobby as well as a doily my mom had. Then cut the dough for either ornaments or in my case, potential necklace pendants. I would’ve taken more pictures to show you all, but my hands were coated in flour and shtuff that taking pics was a bit of a challenge.

Throw them in the oven on a lined cookie sheet (I used parchment paper) at 200 degrees for 4 hours. It essentially dries them out.

Here’s how mine tuned out:

image3 (7)

Pretty fun and I would like to experiment with more. Here’s some much better instructions: Sophisticated Salt Dough

I’m going to spray them with acrylic spray to give them a glossy finish, but we’ll see how it works.

Until next time!


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