Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes….this very much describes many aspects of my life. If you have ever been on a road trip with me, you know that I make at least one wrong turn and have to turn around. At least once. Never fails.

I learn from my mistakes.

One of those lessons that makes me thankful for the grace of God.

This is one of those times. I know what NOT to do. I’m learning from my mistake.

In this case, I learned a very important lesson: adhesive stencils.

I decided to do some etching on the bottles I cut. I found some stencils my mom had. Ya know, those standard plastic stencils you use on flat surfaces. Yep.

image1 (9)

I gathered my materials as usual. I had to use instructions online because the bottle of etching stuff wasn’t helpful. Go figure.

image2 (9)

I stippled on the stuff after I taped on the stencil. I had to “nestle” the bottle to keep it from rolling. Creative, huh?

After about 15 minutes, I took the stencil off and rinsed off the excess gunk. Here’s the result:

image4 (6)

Turned out semi-ok. Except the fact that it looks like they are having an allergic reaction and in need of an epi-pen to take the swelling down. Also, jagged edges. I need to work on my glass cutting too.

Moral of this story: adhesive stencils.

The end.


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