Playing with fire

About 2 weeks ago my mom and I took our mother/daughter bonding to a whole new level and dug through neighbors recycling, rescuing used wine bottles for crafting purposes. I had seen different ways to re-purpose glass bottles and wanted to try some of them, so seeing a few sticking out of recycling bins gave me inspiration. So, my mom and I walked around our neighborhood with our neighbors’ trash. No big deal.

What I first wanted to try was cutting a wine bottle using the string method. I actually tried this a couple of weeks ago with no results, but I wasn’t about to give up completely. Today was the day.

image1 (8)

I started out using some vinyl string, but later switched to yarn and that worked so much better. What is missing in this picture is the lighter. Don’t forget the lighter or matches! It’s pretty much the key to this.

image2 (7)

Wrapped the string around the bottle about 3-4 times.

image3 (5)

Soak in Acetone then put it back on the bottle.

THEN LIGHT THE STRING ON FIRE!!! (This perhaps is the most fun)

Rotate the bottle while the string “burns” until the fire almost goes out. This could last roughly 30 seconds. If it goes all the way out, that’s ok too. But as soon as it’s almost done burning or does stop, dunk it in your ice water.

image4 (5)

Viola! It should just pop off. If it doesn’t, it’s ok! Just do it again in the same spot, perhaps allowing it to burn a little more.

image6 (4)

Then sand it down because it will be sharp. The only problem I ran into was that the edge was very uneven and jagged. I’m going to work on that the next time. I’m open to any tips!

Here’s a video if you’re a visual learner like me. It’s very helpful!

Wine Bottle Cutting

I plan to etch these tomorrow to finish the look. Stay tuned!


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