Marbled Mugs

Summer has started, in case the appearing heat hasn’t clued you in. Currently I am in an “in-between” jobs stage as well as an “in-between” summer trips/projects stage. As I job search and wait for God to show me the next step, I am taking time to enjoy life a bit.

As part of that, I have decided to start crafting again. More of satisfying a crafting itch and work with my hands again. Eventually I want to expand some projects, but more on that later. My goal is to do one project a day, mainly with found objects. By the end of the summer I should have plethora of newly completed projects!

First things first. My first summer project was something simple that I’ve seen floating around Facebook and Pinterest. I’m sure the official name, but I’ve dubbed…..wait for it…..

Marbled mugs!


Ok, not that exciting. But it’s all I have. Here’s how it worked:

First I collected the necessary materials. A white coffee mug (had plenty of those!), nail polish, a container of warm water, and paper towels (if you’re like me, you will make a mess).


The next step was to decide which colors I wanted to use. Now, this wasn’t an easy decision. Deciding which colors will be permanently put on an object that I heavily use. The final decision included many blues.


The next step is to pour a few drops of each color, swirl with a toothpick, then dip the mug in the water. It’s very cool to see the paint attach to the mug. The plus? If you hate it, take it off with nail polish remover and start over! (Ok, so my comment about being permanent might have been embellished.)

And, ta-da!!


I like how they turned out!

Now, the downside is they are not dishwasher safe anymore. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but my parents have this new-fangled contraption called a dishwasher that I’ve come to love. Guess hand-washing is back in order.

HT to House of Hipsters for the very detailed instructions. Check it out!

Day 1 and project 1 complete. Until project 2!


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